These resources are recommended for kids who are old enough to tackle this challenge independently.  Sure...you may be an encourager and help spur them on, but they should be old enough to be self-motivated and take ownership of this challenge. 

The kid's resources follow the same reading schedule as the adult plan, but are more abbreviated readings.  You can download the free e-book by clicking on the link to the left.  This will allow your kids to follow along on a device or a printed copy.  They can also use a device to click on the audio and listen to each day's reading.  The audio provides a short introduction to that day's reading, and helps clue your child into observing something specific within the Biblical text.

WEEK 8:  October 27-November 2

DAY 36 | Audio

DAY 37 | Audio

DAY 38 | Audio

DAY 39 | Audio

DAY 40 | Celebrate!