DD week 3

Day 1

This verse John wrote doesn’t always feel true. Sometimes talking with God leaves us feeling like we’re in the dark—confused, uncertain and unclear. Even though we can feel like that, John assures us God is light. He is the source of all brightness. How would your prayers look different if you thought of God as light instead of darkness—that being in His presence brings clarity and not confusion? Would you approach Him any differently? For the next few days, practice praying to God like He’s someone who is in the light. Instead of viewing Him as this hidden thing that you have to find. Talk to Him like the light He really is. You’ll be surprised at how your view of Him changes when you realize that God isn’t trying to hide from you or keep you in confusion. He doesn’t want to make communication a secret that you have to work hard to discover. He's standing out in the open, in the light, happy and eager to be with you, and ready for you to experience exactly what He is—life.

Day 2

What do you do when you find yourself doubting God? Doubting is normal, but how we handle it is what matters. Do you open your Bible to remind yourself of what God says? Do you share with a pastor or mentor? Do you turn to a faithful friend? All of these can be helpful and a step in the right direction—as opposed to ignoring the doubts, or stuffing them down and pretending they don’t exist. What will happen if you try to add information to those ideas? How about you starting to look around? Seeing God as the Creator. He made the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the mountains, the grass, and everything in between.

He is bigger and can handle your doubts. The next time you find yourself doubting God, go look at something He made. Then, remind yourself that the same God who created the heavens and the earth created you. And not only that, but He loves you no matter what.

Day 3

James refers to God as the Father of heavenly lights, but the truth is, sometimes God feels more like the exact opposite—like the shifting shadow James mentions next. Connecting with God can be frustrating, sometimes it even feels impossible. But James reminds us who God is. Even when it feels like we’re talking to a shadow, we’re speaking with the source of life. Think about it. What if we’re seeing God the wrong way, because we have been approaching Him in the wrong way? To create a shadow, we have to turn our backs to the light. It’s possible that we’re seeing God as a shadow, because we aren’t seeing Him the right way—as light, as a perfect heavenly father with us in mind.

Pray today and ask God to open your eyes to see Him as the source of light instead of a shifting shadow. Ask Him to open your eyes to who He really is.

Day 4

Where do you go when you need safety and refuge? Do you have people in your life to turn to, or do you rely only on yourself? Do you have something, or someone that you can rely on? What would it look like to seek refuge in God’s Words? To see His Words as a place where we find comfort when we need it? The Bible may appear to be intimidating and complicated, but within its pages there’s also a source of safety and security. In it, we find the truths about who God is and who we are in relation to Him. We see how He takes care of His people, and take cues on how to follow Him to experience the life He intended for us. We see stories of people who have failed to follow God, and we see stories of people who succeeded. In all of these stories, we find the underlying truth that God is good. In Him, we can find the refuge we’re searching for.

Today, read the rest of Psalm 18. How will your life look differently if you sought after God as a place for safety?

Day 5

Maybe you read this and think it sounds nice, but too hard to believe. Does God really save us from death? Don’t we all eventually die? In a letter James, the brother of Jesus, wrote a letter and talked about death in a different way. He says sin, when fully grown, gives birth to death. And when you think about it, he’s right. When we sin, something dies: a relationship, our integrity, our character, the truth, honor, love, compassion—sin always kills something. It isn’t just about breaking a rule, it’s about breaking a relationship and a part of us. God is not saving us from the natural consequences of sin, but from the death of a relationship with Him—from the death of hope that can only be found in Him. Sin leads to death of something, every day, but when we live in light of who God is, sin doesn’t have that kind of strong grip on us anymore.

We can choose a different way, a way that brings life to ourselves and the people around us.
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