Famous Last Words - dd wk 1

Day 1

Have you ever doubted the truth of this verse? We’ve all been in situations where we had needs that God didn’t seem to meet. Maybe you’ve had a mortgage payment you struggled to meet, but couldn’t find the funds. Or maybe you’ve been praying for someone you love for years, but still aren’t seeing any change. The good news is that God meets all the needs according to His plan and His purpose. We have an unavoidably narrow view of what we think we need. But God knows our needs better than we ever could. And because of that, He knows exactly how to fill them. The challenge for us is to trust Him, even if it doesn’t seem like He’s working on our behalf. Because the truth is, He’s working in ways we may never even imagine.

What are some areas in your life where you have a hard time trusting God? Pray and ask God that He would open your eyes to see what He is doing in that area of your life.

Day 2

Have you ever stood outside on a windy day, and watched the shape of trees move from side to side? The sun shines through their branches, but the wind constantly changes the way their shadows appear and reflect upon the ground. Sometimes following God can feel a lot like chasing shadows. It can seem as though we’re always trying to get in line with His will, in the same way we might try to keep track of moving shadows. Thankfully, James tells us that this isn’t how God works. He isn’t a shifting shadow that changes however the wind decides. Instead, God is a consistent and faithful provider. Everything we need, we get from Him. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift!

This week, thank God for the gifts He’s given you. And thank Him for the fact that unlike shadows, He never changes or hides His love for us.

Day 3

Why is it hard to say, “Thank you,” sometimes? We all know that we’re supposed to show gratitude when someone does something nice for us. When someone holds open a door, or gives us an unexpected gift, we want to show our appreciation. Gratitude is typically an obvious response when things are going well. But what about when things aren’t going well? What if we've just lost our job? Or our kids got in trouble at school, again? How are we supposed to say, “Thank you,” in those times? In this verse, Paul tells us that it’s God’s will for us to be thankful in all circumstances. Why? Because giving thanks reminds us of what God has given us. Even if you feel empty-handed right now, you have something in your life you can thank God for. It might not be obvious at first, but if we begin to open our eyes and look for reasons to show our gratitude, we’ll find them. And when we express gratitude, we’ll be able to live more content and peaceful lives.

What is one thing you can thank God for today? Pray and give Him thanks regardless of your circumstances.

Day 4

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is going to be like? What is it going to look like? What will we think and feel? This verse in Psalms gives us a hint. When we enter into His gates, we’ll be full of thanksgiving and praise. Our speech will overflow with joy and gratitude. And if you want a taste of heaven on Earth, this might be the place to start. You don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to give thanks to God and praise His name. You can do that today! You can look around and see things to be thankful for. You can think back on what God has done for you and be grateful. You can remind yourself of what is true about God, and praise Him for who He is.

What’s one reason to give God thanks and praise today? How can you express your gratitude and wonder toward God during a regular day? What can you put in your life to remind you to worship Him?

Day 5

It’s easy to feel like God doesn’t have a plan for you. Many of us look back on our lives and wonder what God has been doing all this time. Where has He been? Why did He let this happen and not allow that to happen? If God is sovereign—in control of everything—then why does life look like this? Everyone asks questions like that at some point in their lives. But this verse is what we know to be true. Whether we feel like God has a plan or not, we can trust that He does. And not only does He have a plan for your life, but His plan will ultimately work out for your good. We know this is true because of Jesus. Jesus is God’s plan to give us a hope and a future. Our relationship with the Son of God is God’s ultimate plan for our lives. And we can step into that plan today! Talk to God about your relationship with Jesus.

Ask Him the questions that fill your mind. Speak honestly with Him. Tell Him about your doubts and fears, and your hopes for the future. God is ready to listen to everything you have to say, and is always working for your good according to His plan.
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