FLW dd wk 3

Day 1

Have you ever taken the time to meditate on God’s creation? This week, find some time and space where you can simply sit to listen and observe what God has made. Find a place with beautiful scenery, or choose a part of town with lots of people. Think about how God made each and every thing or person you see—including you! When we have doubts about God’s character, we often forget that He is the Creator. He made the heavens and the Earth, the seas and land, and everything in between. That’s the God we worship. That’s the God who desires a personal relationship with us.

Take time today to pray, and thank God for all that He has made including you. Ask Him to open your eyes to His wonderful works, so you can give them the attention they deserve.

Day 2

When God created everything, it was perfect. Life was exactly how God designed it to be in the Garden of Eden. But when sin entered the world, everything became distorted. Suddenly, the perfect world got flipped upside down, and now evil wrecked the Earth and all its inhabitants. In the midst of distraught, do you think God was ever tempted to scratch everything to start all over again? As you look around today, do you wonder why God hasn’t gotten rid of all the bad things in this world? It is because of His love. He loves people too much to destroy them, and there are too many people living today who don’t know Him.

Every day when we’re still alive, is a chance God gives us to tell people about Him. It’s not too late! His love is powerful, and His compassions never fail. Who can you talk about God to this week?

Day 3

God is true—is this statement easy or hard for you to believe? Maybe it depends on what’s going on in your life right now. It is easy to believe that God, and what He says are true, when life is pleasant. But when things aren’t going the way we’d like them to, it’s not that easy at all. Still, God remains the same. No matter what is happening around us, God is still true, and knowing Him, still leads to eternal life. No circumstances will ever change God or His truths. We can find peace and rely on everything the Bible says about Him. Think back to a time when you doubted whether or not God was real, or true to His words.

What made you doubt God during that time? If you got over that doubt, how did you do it? Who helped you along the way? If you are doubting God today, who is someone in your life that you can talk to and reassure God’s truths for you?

Day 4

This verse sounds a little too good to be true, because it often feels like God changes His attitude toward us based on our behaviors. We think that when we read our Bibles, pray, and go to church, God is nice to us. But when we ignore Him or close Him out from our lives, He becomes mean and vindictive. But we have to remember that feelings just aren’t true! God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. He is as loving, kind, gracious, generous, faithful, and patient today, as He was yesterday, and as He will be tomorrow. That’s some good news we can find hope in!

How does knowing God will never change, affect the way you view Him? Would you talk to God differently if you were sure that He has loved you and will always love you? Today, pray and thank God for His consistent nature. Tell Him how His unchanging love has impacted you and what it means for your relationship with Him.

Day 5

Have you ever been in circumstances you really didn’t want to be in? Maybe you had a presentation that you didn’t want to give, or a hard conversation that you'd rather avoid. Whatever those circumstances look like for you, you can trust that God is facing them with you. No matter what lies ahead of us—even when it seems overwhelming—God is by our sides. In fact, He is not just standing by to watch, He’s fighting the battle for us! Whatever struggles and difficulties we face, we can know that God has already handled them. Hard conversations and difficulties in our lives are nothing to the God who created everything. All we have to do is turn to Him. He is willing to help us fight our battles. He wants to be there for us, always!

What is a situation that you want to turn over to God? Pray and ask God to be your source of strength and encouragement today.
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