As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Spiritual growth happens best in relationship; relationship happens in circles, not rows.  Our hope is for everyone at FCOG to find a seat around a circle of people who will help one another learn and live the mission of Jesus.  Mission Groups are small groups that center around Scripture engagement, prayer, and friendship.  Mission Groups are the place for you to know people by name, and be known by name.  You Mission Group becomes the circle of people who will care for you when life is tough, notice your absence if you go missing, and encourage you as you ask questions and grow in the Word.  This group of people provide you the opportunity to care for others and encourage them too.  While many of our current groups meet on Sundays at 10am, we are working to add new groups that meet on different days, times, and locations.


Sunday Morning Groups . 10am

Senior Adult Group
Room A
Leader: Greg Keirsey
Women's Group
Room B
Leader: Sharon Gardner
Various Ages
Room D
Leaders: Jeff & Vicky Condray
Various Ages
Room E
Leaders: Dick & Virginia Holmes
50's + Group
Room G
Leaders: Steve & Vicky Scott
Single Adults
Room I
Leaders: Bruce & Kelly Yoder
Families with Children
Room J
Leaders: Matt & Kami Martin
Various Ages
Leaders: Ken & Cindy Spencer

Wednesday Groups . 6:15pm

Various Ages
Room A
Leaders: Dustin & Melinda Thornton
Various Ages
Room F
Leaders: Lynn & Nancy Mayfield

Spiritual growth happens best in relationship.