The Next Generation is taking over NOW.

Every Generation Needs a New Revolution

As the Church, we have certain goals as we raise the current generation of disciples. We want to help and train them to:

Articulate their faith
Testimonies, apologetics, theology
Express their faith
Confession, Worship, Prayer
Act on their faith
Serve in and outside of the church, evangelize, train others
We only have so much time with YOUR student. so how can we work together?

Our ministry is reliant on a partnership with parents.
The Church must provide encouragement, guidance, clarity, love, acceptance and resources
Parents must commit to continue learning, teaching, modeling, and talking about their faith with their kids.



9:30am  //Student Mission Group
Enjoy the other half of the Sunday morning Conversation! Students will be having their time of study on the same topic as parents. use this chance to strike up a conversation!

9:30am and 11:00am // Early or Late Service
6:00-7:30pm // Gen Now Night
Students can check in, grab a snack, and get ready for their service! led by the student worship team, students get the opportunity to play a game, worship together, hear a message gear towards their age group, and then debrief with their small groups. you don’t want to miss it!